Welcome to Ernie's OpenShop


Ernie's OpenCart LIGHT is powered by the latest and proven rock-solid OpenCart v.!
The legendary OpenShop 1.71 Administration is partly built-in, but has been further enhanced with most important Features and Functions, to 'handle' the Software as well as the Database from the Admin Section with Ease.

My Goal was, to create the upmost speediest online Shop, specifically designed to meet regional/countrywide Shop User Requirements, and fully built on freely available OpenSource Wisdom and Code. And the Result is OpenCart LIGHT + OpenShop 1.75 Administration.

It's built for those, looking for a foolproof and secure way, to make their Online Business to be a Success, for some time to come.

Ebay- OpenBay- Amazon- Authorizenet is no longer part of the Opencart LIGHT Source, Authorizenet due to OC2 - based Sites reporting strange Things, related to 'Dark Code' and partly 're-linked' Authorizenet Payments, as it looks. frown

But instead, I also added many of the greatest Ideas and best Goodies and Helpers, found and tested during my OC-Engagement as Tester & Freak. More than 100 already proven and tested Modifications have been implemented into my OC v. Package. This, by following the OC MVC Scheme, in Order to keep highest Compatibility with the worldwide unbeaten Amount of existing and proven free and paid Extensions + Themes for OpenCart 1.5.x based OnlineShops.

The famous OpenShop 1.75 Administration is part this OpenCart LIGHT Software, and it's tested to work up to PHP-7.0.25 - MySqli, InnoDB / MariaDB! Some of famous OpenShop Genious MaxD's best Idea's and Code have (authorized!) been implemented, to create the upmost useful, but even more simple to handle OpenCart 1.5.6.x style Administration.

Secure Admin - MaxD's exclusive VqModPro v.2.6.1 Engine - enhanced Tweaks VqMod-Manager - Sql-Buddy DataBase-Editor - Code-File-Editor - Language-Editor - DB-Translations-Editor - Clear-Cache Button - SystemCheck Tester - Redirect-301 Manager - Image-Editor + Compressor - and many more Front- & Back-Section Mod's and Enhancements, plus a responsive Shop Default Theme, is all built-in already.

Interested in such a Software? Without any obligation, from both sides, but installed for free!
Let me know, if you are able to identify yourselfs !